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Whoops, it looks like there’s another new member. Must have been stuck on the job as he’s only just come up…….. I’ll get me coat

Welcome Lifty


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Perhaps a few months too early and the weather is far from it. Into our 7th year now and a few more members coming and going. As an small update the following people have:

Graduated away from the clan, best wishes to them though they are still community members:

The following have become joined the clan itself:

We hope they will enjoy the stay and add provide many silly stories. Perhaps the flutter of more feet will soon be heard?

Just a short note that we have a few more inductees within the clan. An old clan friend, the original commie and the more feminine touch.

  • Rehab
  • Kyo
  • Princess
Just need to adopt a younger one now.

Summer Cleaning

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Well summer is almost passing, if it ever came in the first place! Forums have been spruced up a little after a much needed upgrade to the latest bells and whistles. The web side has also had a wee face lift, especially for those who love their stats. A new stats link is up (or left under Game Ranking) taking you to all manner of items to track your current position. Brank must like being on top…..


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Has this title been used before? Who knows but it would be apt if the weather played it’s part. Some small news for all we welcome two new members.


Congratulations to both of them. With their induction to the clan we say goodbye to a few names for now, they know who they are and will be welcome back whenever they decide the CS(S) world needs them.



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Another small update. At the prodding of Shin Chan we have installed a few things on the off chance we can make millions which will be invested back into the clan, drink/women and the whatever is left on the game server. Failing that we can settle for some money for the clan coffers for those rich enough just donate some of your hard earned money instead.

Joy, cap in hand


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The Gungame server will be switching to standard (non-turbo) for a while to see how that runs. Expect the long awaited force autoteam select in the next couple of days and a few sonic enhancements/poisoning. There’s plenty in the catalogue of cheesey music and the GG regulars have requested a few of their own. Hopefully with the box back up and working normal service can resume. Intermittent updates and the occasional crash.


Just a short update, we have taken in 5 new members (well 1 returnee). All of whom have passed through the CRO Community set up almost a year ago. It’s beginning to take shape and we are always welcoming the regular players on our various servers to sign up and participate a little more. There have been a few inter community matches where, inexplicably, the Community managed to trounce the Clan members. These clan members will all be flogged severely on top of the public humiliation they have received. Back on topic the new members are

Jimmeh (welcome back) 
Shin Chan

As a little extra the much punished Gungame server has been rebuilt and changed port. It’s now located at  Please update your favourites as the previous server will close this week.

Short and somewhat sweet

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Few new faces and a potentially more on the horizon.Box and webserver updated and hopefully the troubles from late Jan/early Feb are behind us.The CSS server is becoming somewhat active again so a new match server has been opened to avoid kicking the masses during our customary match times. Still lots of updates to still do and a new rebuild of the GunGame server to see if that fixes a few of the persistent problems on it. Whenever GG5 is released we will update the servers accordingly.ciao 

Temporary Game Servers

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Unfortunately as some will know, our Game Servers are currently offline. A nasty case of cyber crime which is currently being investigated and resolved. In the meantime we have setup temporary game servers for all those suffering itchy finger syndrome. These are: CS Source DM Gungame (slightly whacky config for a bit of a trial!) 

Temporary Teamspeak server is up on

With any luck the main box will be up soon and we can resume normal service. Hope to see most of the regulars back here. 


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