Payments & Donations

As you are aware Clan CRO is a privately funded service. In order to keep providing our community with our own game servers we do require regular assistance from our members in the form of donations towards their upkeep. For those people wishing to assist us in this, they should use the links below.

Note we have several types of payments. For long term members, it is preferable to setup a subscription, this simplifies the server funding process. This is by no means mandatory and is simply there should people feel they can contribute a bit more to help the community. Please note: paying more does not provide any extra rights, it will simply make you feel all warm and cuddly inside…

To keep things simple we have chosen to put all clan payments through Paypal. This means we do unfortunately have to pay an admin fee to them for accepting payments. In order that we can keep these fees from affecting payments we have added them to the subscription costs. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who have previously contributed and who will contribute in future, for their help. It is your donations which help to keep this community alive!

Code Description Total Link
D1 Donations Any

FM £5.00 Monthly Subscription £ 5.00
HM £2.50 Monthly Subscription £ 2.50
SF £30 Single Payment £30.00
SH £15 Single Payment £15.00
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