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In the spirit of involving our regular players more with the activities of the CRO clan, we’ve decided to initiate the CRO community membership.

Membership of the CRO community means that participating regulars will have some say in the running of the servers and map rotations, as well as the opportunity to take part in friendly matches on practice nights, and generally get to know the clan and each other better. There is a private community members forum, as well as community member team speak channel (microphone is an essential), and community members are entitled to wear special (cro) tags after their name to identify themselves in game.

In order to be considered for community membership you must play regularly on any of our servers and be readily known to existing clan members. Principally what we are looking for in community members are mature, level headed people, who enjoy their games, a laugh and above all else want to play with like minded gamers in a convivial atmosphere (with friendly rivalries). We expect members to act responsibly on the servers at all times, observe the rules, help us identify exploiters/hackers and be warm and welcoming to new, and less experienced players at all times.

If you’re the sort of player who wants to win the rounds for the team no matter what the cost, or how daunting the task may seem, then you’re the sort of player we are after. If on the other hand you want to pwn N00Bs endlessly with an AWP in a nice camping spot to polish your K2D, then the CRO community membership is probably not for you. Although if you are the latter, we do enjoy fighting against you, and your presence is still appreciated on our servers.

Full details can be found at the Community Forums part of the greater CRO Forums

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