You fancy joining this rag tag bunch? Our recruitment criteria is as follows:

We don’t have a recruitment period or actively recruit players, nor are we an ability based clan. We recruit who we want, when we want following the rough guideline below. We’re more of a community clan rather than a traditional CS clan and will only consider those who we feel would be a good addition to our group. Age isn’t a limit but maturity is a must.

Server Presence Only server regulars are considered for membership. There is no set time period you have to play for, nor do you have to be supremely active on our servers. Just play on our server, get on with the majority of regs and clan members and things may progress from there. Please be aware though if you haven’t been on the server that long (circa 3 months) then it’s extremely likely you may be waiting for some time.

Forum Presence – Say a friendly hello on our forums. You have to have some sort of forum presence. For the half of us that don’t play actively online they can at least see your forum post.

Teamspeak – Joining and participating on the teamspeak server will improve your familiarity with others.

Funding – It would be incredibly helpful if you are able to contribute to the running costs of our servers. Running costs for the superserver are currently set between £4 pm (per month).

Register Interest You can make your interest known and we will take note, after that we will just direct you to the above criteria for subsequent request

That really is it. There isn’t a clan limit but we will not recruit indefinitely and to be honest if your purpose is to play here in order to join then you may be dissappointed. Instead just play and have fun on the servers we offer, after that who knows.

Come to the FORUMS and register your interest

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