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Greetings, there is still life in these legs

Teamspeak server is up or 
CS:GO Server/test server up at

Some tweaking needed but at least you can loiter, should you wish to.


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We are still alive, a few new faces from the L4D2 crowd with a few more on the way. The site could do with a spruce to some “new media” style with graphical banners, large font and little content.

Also check you Paintball 2011 which looks to be a go,


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After 8’s or Murray mints, the former seems more refined while the later harkens to images of an old man in a duffer coat. Which applies to our newest recruit i’ll leave up to your imagination.


Has managed to force his way into the clan after a prolonged campaign. coincidently, and keeping with the sweet topic, the last two members provide another delicious treat M&Ms….. But is this better than the alphabet inspired members before representing A to Z?

How many other innocuous links can be found with the first letter of clan member names….. sigh

TS3 > TS2

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It’s time to say farewell to one of the original pieces of software we initially used all those years ago. Teamspeak 2 has served us well over the years, hosting numerous matches, rage quitting, more profanity than a trip down to the east end, singing of the highest (and lowest) calibre, comedy moments and a few things that can’t and shouldn’t be mentioned.

Having waited for something that could cater to the above while bringing better performance we’ve switched over to the successor, Teamspeak 3. Better clarity, better latency and the ability to make even the most gruff of members sound posh. The brummies no longer sound like brummies, all the rage cursing northerners sound a little posher and the subtle tone of Jim and Amy duetting the entire works of Disney can be enjoyed by all.

Come join us on Teamspeak through, details as always on the forums.

The 10s

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Or is it teens? Someone will name this decade soon enough. Some new faces within the clan itself and one or two changes. Warm welcome to


Though the first two have been here for almost 2 months now. The clan have also switched over to using Teamspeak 3. It’s been in development for some time and finally made it to public beta. Rather than wait for it to become an official release we jumped straight onboard. Teamspeak 2 has served the clan well but TS3 makes everyone sound posh, or at least clearer.

We amble on into the new year, anybody playing regularly on our servers please pop in and say hello on the forums and put yourself forward to the Community.

Have a good one.


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With the release of the clan’s currently favourite game we have up and running our own Left 4 Dead 2 server over at

Come and join the fun where grown men can squeal like little girls.


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After a few months out the stats are back up for the following game servers:

Gungame Public
CSS Public

Stats are running as HLStatsX format, these are real time stats. You can check your ranking on the above servers either through the Game ranking link to the left, or slightly easier is the HUGE STAT LINK at the top of the page. All comments please send them to the forum. Expect further shuffling of the various servers and resources.
Sadly we say au revoir to a few clan members heading of to pastures anew, best wishes to them. They are

Unlucky soldier

This does bring the male/female ratio to more manageable levels… well just about.


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The Pokemeter has been moved to a more central location after becoming a bit of an eyesore to the right.

Currently the L4D, COD4 and DM servers are offline while the server is moved. Hopefully this will be completed in a timely manner by our hosts.

Finally a welcome to Traxis as the later member of the clan, we’ve been after him for a while. Little does he know the real reason why.

Get Pokin’

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CRO introduces: The Smokey Pokeometer.

It should be visible on the right, you’ll need Microsoft Silverlight 2 in order to see it which you can get from here or by clicking on the ‘Install Silverlight’ image.

It’s a small custom stats module that tracks who’s been doing the poking on the GunGame Server. I’ve got to say, it’s quite surprising how high that thermometer gets by the end of the day!

If you want to get onto the leaderboard then you have to poke [CRO] smokerings, who keeps saying no-one who plays on our GunGame is good enough to poke him…

Watch out for more stuff in the near future 🙂


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The time of the year for the Easter bunny and another chance to legally eat chocolate without any guilt. We say hello to


A small server spruce is also due shortly.

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